Signup with Cheogram Android

Welcome to! If you are looking for a simple guide on how to sign up for JMP, then you have come to the right place! We will be keeping this guide up-to-date if there is ever a change in how to sign up.

We will first start with signing up from within your Jabber chat application on mobile, where you will never need to leave the client to get set up. I will be using the freedomware Android client Cheogram to do this signup. To start us off, we will need to create a Jabber ID (or “JID”). Upon first opening the app you will be presented with a welcome screen where you can choose to signup using the built-in flow for, or you can choose your own server.

Main Startup Screen Account User Creation Password Creation

We will choose “I need to sign up” for the purposes of this guide, but you are definitely free to choose whatever service you like, or bring your own! On the first screen of the server signup it will ask you to enter a username; this can be anything you want as long as it isn’t already in use on the server. After tapping Next, it will ask you to create a password for this account; length does not seem to be limited so create one as long as you want. Do not forget it, or use a password manager to create/store the password! Tapping Next again will log you in and offer to set an avatar for your account, you can set one now or choose to do so at a later time, if at all.

Captcha Profile Avatar Service Selectioin

Once you are logged in Cheogram will immediately open the sign-up screen with the Cheogram Bot, where you can select which service you are planning to set up. Once you tap on the JMP logo you will be presented with a number search box. Here you can search by Area Code, State (or Province), City/State, Zip Code, or even a vanity pattern by placing the tilde (~) character first followed by up to 4 numbers. You will then be presented with a scrollable list of numbers to choose from, tap on one and then tap next to continue on. On the nex tpage you will choose how to activate your account, with the options of Credit Card, Bitcoin, Referral Code, Mail or e-Transfer. You must also choose which currency you will be using. After selecting one of the four payment options, the next screen will either ask for paymment by the chosen method with details on how to pay, or activate your account if you used a valid referral code.

Number Search Number Search Results Payment Method

Once your account has been activated you will be presented with the command UI of the bot, which has all of your account options, settings and details. Tapping “Show Account Info” will display your phone number, account balance and other useful information. Exiting from this view you should be presented with a popup asking if you want to enable Dialer Integration and grant Microphone permissions, tap yes to enable these features and be taken through the setup of dialer integration.

Command UI Account Info Dialer Integration Permission

Mic Permissions Dialog Calling Accounts Make Calls With Priority

At some point you will also be asked if you want to download the default stickers for use in your chats, if you do tap “YES” and then it will prompt you for Media access permissions (this will allow Cheogram to access labelled folders inside the common media locations such as Downloads, Pictures, Documents, Movies). Tap to allow access permissions and Cheogram will download them in the background. Bonus: you can also download sticker packs from any other site and then load them into Cheogram!

Sticker Download Media Access Dialog Battery Optomization

Now that you have activated your account and set up dialer integration you are able to place calls, even from your native dialer, SMS or MMS with your contacts. To add a contact within Cheogram is quite easy with the contacts integration. Now that the bot has been added to your account contacts, your device’s contacts should already be visible when you tap on the “chat” icon to start a new chat, or you can do the following to add a contact to your Jabber server. First tap the chat icon, tap the “+”, then “add contact”. The first thing you should notice that is different this time with the dialog box that pops up is that it now has two selectable buttons: Jabber ID, and PSTN. The PSTN option makes adding telephone numbers for calling or sending SMS to very easy, just type out the phone number you wish to add to your contacts and then tap CALL or MESAAGE, depending on what you wish to do first. This will automatically format the phone number according to the locale detected on your device. If you need to add an international number, you will need to add the phone in the full international format to override the country code being automatically added. With the contact now added, you can either start typing out a message, or tap the “phone” icon that appears at the top to make an audio call to the contact. Images, videos and audio files can also be sent using a number from JMP.

Contacts Permissions Add Contact 1 Add Contact Form

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